Friday, 20 January 2012

Voice of will

I have always heard and read and seen people talking and debating and demanding, "Right to Speech" or "Raising a voice" and similar phrases, but a small incident made me realize that all this is pointless, all one needs is strength of will.

The incident goes something like this

I was in the market parking area. The area in which I was is, by popular consensus, the busiest place in the city and the the limited parking slots are hotly contested.I could make out numerous arguments as I walked down the street. I noticed a group of youngsters arguing with the Parkingwala of the apparently largest parking sectors on the street. I was shocked when I realized that the Parkingwala was a mute. And despite his disability and estimated age of late forties, he was clearly dominating the argument against three youngsters, who soon surrendered to the inevitable and complied with the Parkingwala. 

I inquired around to find that he was one of the oldest Parkingwalas in the area and the most formidable. I was stunned by the way he managed the cramped parking spot. He blew away any arguments with his large eyes and commanding gestures. It amused me a little to think that no one could argue with him, literally. Here was not person who was disabled but not crippled, and silent appreciation of that man gave me enough to contemplate for a week.

I know nothing of him, a most ordinary looking guy you wouldn't notice in the crowd, and yet he manages his little empire with unmatched ferocity and complete silence. He doesn't talk nonsense to the crowd, and neither are people stopped from shouting at him, but in his empire, as in the world, it boils down to the simple fact, that your will can shake the world.

I have a habit of writing down quotes that I like, and due to the Parkingwala, I have written down a quote often quoted, but first understood by me that day.

"Khudi ko kar buland itna, 
Ke har takdeer se pehle khuda khud bande se poochhe,
Bata teri raza kya hai"

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