Friday, 20 January 2012

A sunny afternoon

My mother always complains, "You are too childish", but I often wonder how long she will be my mother if I am no more a child.

 I remember going back to the place where I grew up, and with horror I realized that my childhood dream had indeed come true, that I had grown up.

The long walk from the bus stand to home, where my whole day's plan with friends was easily whipped up, could hardly fit in my schedule, because after all, it was just a tedious 2-minute walk on a sunny afternoon.

My Spiky, my favorite tree, that I had planted, (was it so long ago?) and fed with water and food and care, and caressed him with all my love,and the one who knew all my secrets, was now large and thorny, and though my palm is no more soft, its bark now cuts my hand.

I miss being a child, because the world was then so confusing, and no one gave me answers that I wanted, and yet I was never frustrated, because my curiosity made even that a strange and funny thing to be.

I miss being able to shout out my views to anyone I felt like, and then realizing that Pa might scold me for doing such a thing, and that I should show respect to all, and to say sorry to my friend, and forgetting to say it and start playing by the time we faced each other.

I remember chasing my neighbor's puppy for the whole day, and maybe that thing hasn't changed much yet, because still I often find that when I stumble down of weariness and taste dirt in my mouth, I realize its the pup that pokes his nose in my ear as if saying, get up, and I promise I won't run this hard now.

I wish I could be as humble and brave as I was, knowing everything was big and everyone stronger and wiser than me, and that I may not be able to do all I try, and still smiling at the break of dawn, thinking, what the heck, I will grow up someday.

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